What is Spiritual Counselling?
     Spiritual Counselling focuses on who you truly are, your Divine Soul, and connecting with the immense power that lies deep inside of you that will help you transform and heal all aspects of your life. In the midst of our busy life, we often forget our true nature and have tendencies to fall into despair, limitation, negativity, judgment and victimhood.  However, even in the most hopeless, dark souls lies the spark of Divinity which, when it is touched, healed and loved, can began to fully transform.

     Whether you want to heal your physical body of painful conditions, your emotions from past trauma, or the dissatisfactions of your life, the source of those problems are deep within you. In your conscious mind, you may think that the solution to your problem is fixing the obvious symptoms, but your subconscious mind can provide a much deeper understanding and deeper insights to self healing. Accessing this valuable information on a Soul level and processing your emotions provides a gateway to safely and gently releasing any blockages and limitations you may not even know you had.

Spiritual Counselling offers various tools and techniques
that will help you become more empowered and in charge of your own healing and your life. These methods have been shown to achieve results far faster & more efficiently than traditional therapeutic techniques. Simply put, when the Soul heals first, the mind and body's healing will follow. Once you learn how to let go, you will become more clear, more free, and more connected with the deeper part of yourself, life becomes joyful, richer and more fulfilling than ever before.

Spiritual Counselling is non-denominational, but rather focuses on the Spirit or the Soul within each person. The counselling techniques or the healing modalities are neither based in nor related to any specific religion. There is no reason why receiving, learning, or using these techniques should conflict with your particular religious beliefs. The basic principals of Spiritual Counselling is unconditonal Divine Love, celebrating oneness, human connection, complete acceptance and guided support on your unique journey of life.

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